EL-JARDIN, Medicine Land Project

El Jardin

The garden of Eden is located in front of the mayan tempels in the rainforest of Palenque by food and car you can reach this holy place of sharing and remembering about your true self!



From the beginning

In 2001 a inner Vision brought Martin to plant the  seeds for a community healing and  ceremonial center in Palenque ! After 13 years the cowfield transformed in a tropical garden of Eden with a high diversity of plants,trees, fruits, vegetabels flowers,  birds and al kind of animals!Behond this we have a Tempél for yoga meditaion and ceremonies , a collective kitchen , a camping space and a couple of dormitories !

Daily we make yoga, meditation and chantingcircles! Every Sunday 10 am cacaoceremonies,regulary sweadlodgres and sacred ceremonies ! We grow our own food as most possible and help the neighboorcommunitys to interconnect and make exchanges in all levels for learning and growing together like a family ! Our intention is to get one with mother nature and the entire universe, to work,to live and to learn together in oneness and respect to all life!

Love simplicity truth

OM Namah Shivaya